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The IDzMedia Publisher Program is an actively growing affiliate network that delivers one million plus leads to its merchant partners every month. Whether you're looking to increase the ROI for your campaign or maximum revenue for your adspace, we're the place for you! Our publishers and proprietary websites deliver quality traffic 24 hours a day via banner, search, social media and co-registration channels, as well as incentive and lead generation marketing.

 With our own network of sites, we have tested our campaigns for quality in many different kinds of traffic streams. By signing up with us, you get the benefit of experience from a leader in performance online marketing! With a vast array of offers, publishers are guaranteed campaigns that will appeal to their site visitors, exciting creatives and payouts that will appeal to their pockets.

 Our roster of strong affiliates will bring quality traffic to the products and services that you sell. With low transaction fees, your risk outlay is small compared to the publicity that you can get - millions of impressions per month from hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. Using proven customer acquisition methods, we can grant you exposure to hundreds of pages of highly-targeted media properties, putting you firmly in control of your investment without the risks of traditional marketing!

 Our plug-and-play performance-based CPA network can deliver measurable results to your clients. Gain instant reach to hundred of millions of online users through our more than 3,000 active website publishers, search and email marketers, and other online publishers.


Monetize your content site by using our Content Unlocker API to "lock" your exclusive content. Once users complete an offer, the content is unlocked and made accessible. Perfect for video and humor sites, avatar and social network application/widget sites, IQ and friendship tests and more!

Public Information Sheet on Content Unlocker API
Viewable Demo of Content Unlocker API